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The Objects of Trust are to provide Food, Medical support, relief, clothing. shelter facilities, education, psychological support, counseling to all mankind including all aged persons, needy, lonely, who are financially. socially, physically and psychologically deprived and need support, who are unable to take of themselves and or not being taken care of by anyone irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, place, age and gender will be taken care of by "SHREYASH SEWA KUNJ" and advancement of objects of general public utility not involving the carrying on of any activity for profit and all such objects which may be recognized as charitable objects of public nature under the provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961 or any statutory modifications, notifications or enactments thereto for the time being in force. For the purpose of achieving the above principal object the Trust shall have the following particular objects.


To provide food to all needy ones who cannot arrange food for themselves due to old age, physical, medical, psychological, social, financial or any other reason.


Affording of medical relief and spreading of medical and health sciences in all branches of medicines including Allpathic, Unani, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic, Naturopathy or any other way in such manner as Trustees, may think fit including:


Setting up establishment, acquisition, maintenance and support of hospitals, nursing homes, dispensaries, clinics, laboratories, maternity homes, medical colleges, nature cure centers, sanatoriums, yoga centers ambulances, mobile health centers, diagnostics centers,

preventive health care centers, old age homes, convalescent homes.

asylums, medical colleges etc. and/or granting of subscriptions and donations to such establishments and other public institutions for administering medical relief to the needy in all ways

Endowments to and help or support to socially backward, poor and weaker section/class of the society in part or in full in all ways including medical expenses, medical investigations, medical instruments in cash or in kind or by granting interest free loans and/ or distributing food, fruits, optical, medicines, medical and etc free of cost.

Endowments to and help or support to hospitals maternity homes. nursing homes, clinics, sanatoriums, old age homes and dispensaries and other health institutions.

iv) Grant of medical help to the poor and to deserving persons during epidemic, famine, accidents, fire, cyclone, flood, earthquake, tempest or any unforeseen calamity, war or warlike operation, civil commotion or riot etc.
Development of institutions and centers for carrying on basic or fundamental or applied research and scientific work in connection with or relating to medical, surgical and socio medical matters, improvement of health, human ailments and sufferings.

Establishment of information, disseminating centers on human ailments to the afflicted and amongst the general public.


Helping spread or promotion of education or learning in all its

branches in such manner as the Trustees may think fit including:

D Establishment and/or acquisition and maintenance or support of tools, colleges, Vidyapeeth's, Bal Mandirs, Bal Wadis, Study Centers, Vocational guidance Centers, Universities, hostels and other institutions imparting education and training of students and / or granting of subscriptions and donations to such institutions.

ii) Promoting and encouraging spread of education by providing assistance in part or in full to socially backward poor and needy students by way of granting of interest free loans and / or in cash or in kind such as scholarships, text books, exercise notes, tuition fees boarding and lodging expenses and other like expenses.

iii) Establishment and support of Professorships, Fellowships, Lectureships, Scholarships, Studentship, and prizes at any schools, colleges or other educational institutions.

iv) Establishment maintenance and / or support of libraries, museums, archives, documentation (including audio visual records) and reading rooms for advancement of education and knowledge in general.

v)Carrying on or supporting anthropological, agricultural,

sociological, cultural and historical studies and researches.


i) To build, operate and support ashrams and pilgrimages anywhere in India for the benefit of the people of all religions and sects without any discrimination of Cast, Creed or Color for SHREYASH SEWA KUNJ by providing a spiritual and holy environment with places of Gyan, darshan, Charitra and bhakti with replicas of ancient pilgrimages and places of mass devotion.
Helping backward, weaker poor and needy section / class of the society in part or in full in all ways in cash or in kind or by granting interest free loans for their upliftment and betterment including.

a) Distributing of money, free goods, foods and / or clothing or

providing shelters to the poor and needy.

b) Setting up or helping by endowments or otherwise or orphanages or poor houses for the benefit of orphans and / or other deserving persons.

c) Establishment, maintenance and support of Homes for poor, widow, destitute or such other needy persons. Establishment, maintenance and support of gardens, chaps d)

Kendra's, fountains, free drinking water supply centers (Parabs),

wells and other such facilities of general public utility.

e) Construction, establishment, setting up and / or acquisition and maintenance or support of Vriddhashrams, Dharamshalas, Old age Homes, senior Citizens care homes, Bhakti Niwas, Bhakt sewa Kendras, Existing running Charitable trusts, or funding them to do service to the needy ones, Rest- houses, Musafirkhanas for the poor and needy people.

f) Establishing or rendering help to any institutions or individuals for the alleviation of human suffering.

g) Establishment, maintenance and support of gymkhanas, gymnasiums, physical, culture centers, swimming pools, recreation centers, etc. for promotion and advancement of sports and health for general public utility.
h) Grant of help to socially backward, weaker section poor and needy class of the society during epidemic, fire, famine, flood, accidents, earthquake or any unforeseen calamity, war or warlike operation, civil commotion, riot etc. or otherwise and assist in the relief or rehabilitation operations.

i) Assist for performance of the funeral or funeral ceremonies of poor persons.

Grant relief in any form to the blind, maimed, deaf, handicapped, impotent and poor. Give relief in distress to animals, birds, and all ling beings.

k) To propagate and fight against all social evils and ills viz; dowries,

drugs, drinking, smoking etc.


v) To discharge and fight against unethical practices and propagandas or

misleading and inaccurate claims and advertisements.

To undertake, carry out, promote and / or sponsor any program of conversation of natural resources and to assist the execution and promotion of such programs either directly or through and agency.

vi) To establish, maintain, promote, support or assist Gaushalas, Veterinary Centers, Aviaries, for the relief of animals and birds.

vii) To construct, maintain and support public works such as highways, bridges wells, tanks, supply of water or light.

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